Watch students increase grades—and confidence.

A system-wide approach to peer tutoring for schools and districts that want to provide accessible academic support.

As a district leader, you want to help all students. But you’re up against:


Demands from the community

Increasing D and F rates


Teacher burnout

A widening equity gap


More needs than people to fill them


Growing social and emotional concerns

When you partner with Thinkist, meaningful academic support is possible.

Accessible tutoring that directly supports student learning loss.

Research-backed peer tutor training.

Your students helping your students-- not a stranger on the internet or a YouTube video.

Community building within your school or district.

Safe and secure online training and tutor sessions.

End-to-end program implementation and oversight--we do the training, tutor/tutee matching, and data collection.

Your students can learn for more than just the test.


With our MetaSocratic® method, tutors are trained to guide students, not just solve the problem. The result? Both the tutor and tutee learn to think more deeply and ask better questions, cementing the learning and their confidence far beyond the hour-long session.

What is the MetaSocratic® peer tutoring method?

Fusing the power of metacognition, thinking about thinking, and Socrates’ art of questioning to help students think critically, problem solve, and collaborate—all through an intentional social/emotional framework.

Thinkist MetaSocratic® Certified peer tutors employ a full range of tutoring practices, developing their student’s independent critical thinking skills, preparing them for success in school, career, and life.

The 5 levels of tutoring

The proof is in the students

Knowing it’s okay to not know the answer, but having the persistence to work through those things can help make math more fun.


Age 15

Before this program, I had all the pieces, but I was just memorizing them. I didn’t realize that it was like a jigsaw puzzle. I didn’t realize that you had to put all the pieces together to get the final picture.


Age 15

Now I see that wrong answers don’t mean you don’t get it, it just means you haven’t gotten it yet.


Age 14

Here’s how it works:


Contact Thinkist

Talk with our team about our unique approach and determine the scope of your pilot program.


Get your people on board

Promote Thinkist to your site or district to run a pilot program of students as tutors and tutees.


Let us handle the rest

Thinkist runs the pilot program while you get back to your (long) to-do list.


Help more students

Scale the program and watch your students’ grades — and confidence— increase.

The secret ingredient to any successful classroom, school, or district? Relationships.


Our winning formula is that we connect your students with your students, and that’s where the learning happens.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once we sign a contract, what do site admin and district leaders need to do?
Promote it to your site or district. For the Peer Tutors, we suggest starting with student leaders or clubs like NHS to get a pool of students who want to make an impact. From there, you’ll get a list of students who need tutoring. We suggest starting with your D/F list.
How is Thinkist different than other tutoring companies?
We tap into the gold mine of resources— your students. Instead of finding strangers on the internet, we train your students how to help your students. By modeling the best teaching methods, kids learn for life.
How much does it cost?
There is no cost to the parent or student. We work with schools and districts to allocate local, state, and federal funding.
How long is the peer tutor training?
It runs about 15 weeks. At the 3 week mark, we have tutors meet with tutees. We provide oversight, feedback, etc., as they guide your students to mastery.